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Capture fun messages from your guests!

The Audio Guestbook lets your guests record fun, heartfelt messages that can be saved and listened to after your event. Your guests simply pick up the phone, wait for the beep, leave a short message, and hang up. It’s that easy! All of the recordings will be uploaded after your event for you to listen, share, download, and cherish for years to come.


Capturing Incredible Memories!

Off The Hook Audio Guestbook is the perfect way to capture all of the warm wishes from your guests on your big day! Our Audio Guest Book comes in various styles and colors. Just pick up the phone, wait for the beep, and leave your message! That's it!

Guests can leave voice messages all night long, and Off The Hook Audio Guestbook can be placed anywhere. Our phones utilize lithium ion batteries to ensure enough power for the phone to stay powered for days. Once your guests leave a message, the audio clips are converted into a shareable video that can easily be posted to social media platforms. From warm wishes to regretful ramblings from a member of the bridal party, Off The Hook is the audio guestbook you need for your next event or special occasion.

Off The Hook is a mail order nationwide service (or if you are local, add it on to one of our other services) With one phone call, we will gather your information and ship you your audio guestbook 2-4 days prior to your event. Use it as much as you like, and then return it with the provided return label.  Once we receive the phone back, we will upload all of the files and send them right over!

Audio Guestbook Gallery

Jane's 70th Birthday

Brittany & Taryn

Hailey & Christopher

Sophia's 1st Birthday

Victoria & Tyler

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  1. Your guests pick up the receiver and listen to your personalized pre-recorded host message                                

  2. After the beep, they can start recording their message… song or rap.

  3. After they have finished, they return the receiver back on its cradle. The recording is then safely stored.

  4. After the event, we will retrieve all of the recordings from the night, for you to cherish forever!

How Does It Work?

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